Seminar Series

Fall 2021 Seminar Series

Please use the information below to add seminars to Google Calendar. A full schedule is pictured below, and a PDF can be downloaded here.

August 16th, GGI Trainee Flash Talks, NC State University
In-Person + Zoom
Graduate Students & Postdocs will give 3-minute talks as part of the GGI Summer Contests

August 23rd, Dr. Martha Burford Reiskind, NC State University
Nothing in evolution makes sense except in the light of biology: understanding evolution through an interdisciplinary lens

August 30th, Dr. Qi Chen, UC Riverside
Sperm RNA Code: How many bits of information for epigenetic inheritance?

September 13th, Dr. ThankGod Ebenezer, European Bioinformatics Institute
African BioGenome Project (AfricaBP): Genomics for the future of biological diversity across Africa

September 20th, Dr. Zakee Sabree, Ohio State University
Modeling Some Consequences of Host-Microbial Interactions

September 27th, Dr. Adam Guss, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Genetic tool development for domestication of diverse non-model microbes

October 11th, Dr. Ben Callahan, NC State University
In-Person + Zoom
Towards Better Metagenomics by Modeling the Measurement Process

October 18th, Dr. Jennifer Kuzma, NC State University
Responsible Innovation and Governance of Emerging Biotechnologies

October 25th, Dr. Elizabeth Cooper, UNC Charlotte
The genomics of diversification and adaptation in two agriculturally important species

November 1st, Dr. Moisés Exposito-Alonso, Carnegie Institute of Science
The genomics of climate change adaptation and extinction

November 8th, Dr. David Neale, UC Davis
Genomics of Adaptation to the Environment in Forest Trees

November 15th, Dr. Daphne Martschenko, Stanford University
Social Responsibility & Genomics in the Context of an Ugly History and Uncertain Future

November 22nd, Dr. Ryan Sartor, NC State University
A Biology-Inspired Platform for Breeding Digital “Flowers”


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