Seminar Series

Spring 2022 Seminar Series

Please use the information below to add seminars to Google Calendar. A full schedule is pictured below, and a PDF can be downloaded here.

CANCELLED—January 24th, Dr. Courtney Hollender, Michigan State University
The Utility of Molecular Genetics in The Orchard & The Mysterious Case of The Weeping Peach

January 31st, Dr. Aoife McLysaght, University of Dublin
Dosage sensitive genes in evolution

February 4th, Dr. Ingo Braasch, Michigan State University
Genomic Journeys into a Lost World: ‘Ancient Fishes’ Illuminate the Genomic Basis of Vertebrate Evolution, Development, and Disease

February 14th, Dr. Jason Delborne, NC State University
How can social science contribute to gene drive research?

February 21st, Dr. John Willis, Duke University
In-Person + Zoom
Population Genomics of Local Adaptation to Toxic Soils in Monkeyflowers

February 28th, Dr. Danielle Reed, Monell Center
In-Person + Zoom
Bitter sweet human taste genetics

March 7th, Dr. Beau Alward, University of Houston
Identifying molecular and neural mechanisms of flexible social behavior

March 14th, NO SEMINAR
NCSU Spring Break
See you next week!

March 21st, Dr. Eva Farre, Michigan State University
In-Person + Zoom
Circadian rhythms and light signaling in the Nannochloropsis genus

March 28th, Dr. Bryan Dewsbury, University of Rhode Island
In-Person + Zoom
Designing inclusive education – Teaching for values and purpose

April 4th, Dr. Bryan Dickinson, University of Chicago
Continuous directed evolution of molecular interactions: fundamental studies and applications

April 11th, Dr. Alejandro Mas Monteys, University of Pennsylvania
Regulated editing of mutant Huntingtin allele using Xon

April 18th, Dr. Molly Burke, Oregon State University
In-Person + Zoom
Evolution in a test tube: what can experiments with yeast teach us about the genetics of complex traits?

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