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Spring 2020 Seminar Series

January 13th: Professor Sir Charles Godfray, Oxford University, Using selfish genes to tackle malaria

January 27th: Dr. Cheryl Hayashi, American Museum of Natural History, Evolutionary and Functional Genomics of Spider Silks

February 3rd: Dr. Sarah Kocher, Princeton University (NCSU Genetics Alumna), Harnessing natural variation to study the evolution of social behavior in bees

February 10th: Dr. Jonathan Berg, UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine, Advancing the science of clinical variant interpretation using validated functional assays

February 17th: Dr. Jim Birchler, University of Missouri, The Gene Balance Hypothesis: How regulatory gene stoichiometries affect expression, quantitative traits and evolutionary processes

February 24th: Dr. David Pfennig, UNC Chapel Hill, Phenotypic plasticity and the evolutionary origins of novel traits

March 2nd: Dr. Leah Solberg-Woods, Wake Forest University, Identification of novel genes for adiposity and kidney function using outbred HS rats

POSTPONED–March 16th: Dr. David McCandlish, Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory, Modeling higher-order genetic interactions

POSTPONED–March 23rd: Dr. Fred Gould, NC State University

POSTPONED–March 30th: Dr. David Reif, NC State University

POSTPONED–April 6th: Dr. Rich Lenski, Michigan State University

POSTPONED–April 13th: Dr. Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, University of California-Davis

POSTPONED–April 20th: Dr. Marcelo Mollinari, NC State University

POSTPONED–April 27th: Dr. Molly Puente, NC State University

POSTPONED–May 4th: Dr. Brian Scheffler, USDA-ARS