Seminar Series

Fall 2020 Seminar Series

Please use the following links to add individual seminars to Google Calendar. A full schedule is pictured below, and a PDF can be downloaded here.

August 17th, GGI Flash Talks from GGI Graduate Students and Postdocs

August 24th, Dr. Fred Wright, NC State University
Perspectives on Biological Data Sciences

August 31st, Dr. Ruben Rellan Alvarez, NC State University
North, South, Up, and Down. The genes and molecules that allow maize to move all around.

September 14th, Dr. Antonio Planchart, NC State University
Islands in the stream: two stress response pathways with many other things in between.

September 21st, Dr. Anna Stepanova, NC State University
Building a synbio toolbox to monitor and control plant hormone activity

September 28th, Dr. Michael McManus, UC San Francisco
Illuminating Genomic Dark Matter

October 5th, Dr. David McCandlish, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Modeling higher-order genetic interactions

October 12th, Dr. Amy Goldberg, Duke University
20 generations of human evolutionary genetics on the islands of Cape Verde

October 19th, Dr. Catherine Miller-Hunt, USM Portland
Bee gut microbiomes and mosquito blood meals

October 26th, Dr. Heather Hines, Pennsylvania State University
Evolutionary and ecological studies in bumble bees: evolutionary genetics of mimetic coloration and the factors contributing to their declines

November 2nd, Dr. Marcelo Mollinari, NC State University
Unraveling Polyploid Inheritance Using Ultra-Dense Multilocus Mapping

November 9th, Dr. Kevin Kohl, University of Pittsburgh
Who’s in charge here?: Microbial contributions to animal physiology, ecology, and evolution

November 16th, Dr. Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, UC Davis
The Two Teosintes that Made Maize

November 23rd, Dr. Bob Schmitz, University of Georgia
Systematic identification of plant cis-regulatory elements at single-cell resolution

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