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Graduate Student Resources


GG Scholars Curriculum Overview

GG Scholars engage in 12-credit coursework that takes two semesters to complete (6 credits per semester). This academic load provides ample opportunities for scholars to interact with their cohort over the course of the school year, but also leaves time to pursue other academic and scientific interests by taking additional classes and rotating in research laboratories across campus (three rotations are common for students entering the program undecided on their advisor). These activities help students focus their research interests and assists them with selecting a faculty mentor as their primary PhD thesis advisor. Currently, over 150 NC State faculty from 27 different departments across 6 colleges are affiliated with the GG Scholars program, providing diverse training opportunities. Students who enter the GG Scholars program after their first year in a degree program at NCSU will continue to expand their training and research capabilities within their chosen lab and through the network of affiliated faculty, as well as take the 12-credits and additional coursework required by their degree program. Learn more about the one-year curriculum here.

Upon completing the one-year GG Scholars curriculum, students will continue taking classes to fulfill the requirements of the PhD-granting program they select. Students who joined the GG Scholars from a PhD program at NCSU, will continue in their respective degree program to complete the requirements for that degree.



The GG Scholars program will award at least 15 graduate students with competitive one-year fellowships. These fellowships will include a stipend starting at $28,000 and full coverage of tuition and health insurance through the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP). Financial support of the GG Scholars after their year in the umbrella program will be provided by the graduate program and/or the laboratory the student selects for their PhD work. Typically, our PhD students are supported by research and teaching assistantships (RAs or TAs), or by training grants. When supported on a qualifying assistantship or fellowship, students will continue to receive coverage of tuition and health insurance through the GSSP for a limited number of semesters.

Please look below for more details about tuition and health insurance benefits via the GSSP.

The Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP):

The GSSP is a competitive support package used to attract top students to NC State University. Graduate students that meet the requirements below are eligible to receive health insurance and tuition support (for a limited number of semesters).

  • Student is supported on a qualifying graduate assistantship (RA or TA) or fellowship of, at least, $666.67 per month.
  • Student meets the minimum enrollment requirement – Full-time, at all times.
  • Student is enrolled in an on-campus master’s or doctoral program. Distance Education and Graduate Certificate programs do not qualify for the Graduate Student Support Plan.

Participant students should read the Graduate Student Support Plan Student Handbook in order to become more familiar with the NC State Graduate Student Support Plan.

To learn more about the GSSP, click here.


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